The UIF Cultural Exhibit will display physical works of visual art from emerging artists around the world–many of which have a direct connection to the United Kingdom. The works that will be exhibited reflect ideas concerning concepts of cultural identity. The aim of the exhibition is to inspire viewers to critically analyse what cultural identity truly is in our modern era. There are many people in the world who are affiliated with a country or influenced by a specific culture without truly understanding the fundamental impact this has on understanding themselves. Others are affiliated with cultural concepts not by their own choosing, but because others ascribe these identities to them. Some even have adopted cultures from elsewhere without this identity being ingraned within themselves. The idea of this project is to exhibit a visual questioning what ‘cultural identity’ means. Works exhibited will feature artists such as Katie Grubb, Robert Ord Page, Jeff Badger, Liz Murphy Thomas and many others!

A huge thank you to the Old Fulling Mill for their guidance and support for the exhibit and to the Graduate School for funding.

UIF Curation included:

Head Curator:

Meghan Glass

Assistant Curators:

Nuala Morse

Michele Fontefrancesco

Jei Lee

Aisling Reid


Photography: Neal Smith Brodsky

Video: Simon Robinson

Music: Sand River

Website: Meghan Glass


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